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The Purpose


Oola, Activewear Designed with Your Needs in Mind


Our clients have been searching for loose-fitting and not revealing, yet contemporary and elegant sportswear. It also has to be made of the right sports fabrics with the technical specifications needed. Oola head covers, pants, jackets, multisport tops and hiking tops are all made of top quality sports fabrics and designed to be so stylish that you want to wear them for your rigorous workout, day at the park, while traveling, or after-workout coffee.

OolaSports Oola Logo

The Meaning

In Arabic, Oola means “the first“, “the pioneer“. We believe every woman is a pioneer in her own life and our brand reflects this belief. Oola is a revolutionary brand that caters to the active woman who chooses to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, while choosing to maintain her individual values. Our garments are made for the pioneer in you.

The Logo

Oola’s logo was carefully designed to encompass the very essence of the Oola brand. It portrays motion and lightness through the layering of the double O dynamically and asymmetrically. The two Os are ascending to reinforce the unbound and dynamic nature of oola. The intersection of the Os illustrates collaboration and teamwork.

Oola Sports Logo
OolaSports Values

The Vision

Our vision is to make outdoor sports accessible to more women.

Oola believes that every woman possesses the strength to push her own boundaries, redefine limits and overcome challenges. Equipped with the right tools, a woman can unlock her full potential, achieving goals that may have seemed unreachable. Oola provides activewear that will enable women to push their fitness goals and challenge their limits. To plant a seed of empowerment is all it takes to lose one’s inhibitions. Oola is that seed.

Our Team

Before every goal, there is a vision, before every vision, there is a mind churning out ideas. Oola Sportswear has three, minds that is. With years of dedication, passion and experience, these three young ladies created Oola Sportswear. To see the faces behind the product….well, you know what to do. Go ahead, click!

Haya Al Ghanim

Haya Al Ghanim

CEO, Co-founder

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Lilian Gabriel de Almeida Barbosa

Lilian Gabriel de Almeida Barbosa

Fashion Designer, Co-founder

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Amina Ahmadi

Design & Product Development Director, Co-founder

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Naassih Gopee

Tech lead

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Francesco Fiume Senior Business Advisor

Francesco Fiume

Senior Business Advisor

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Nihal Fathima

UX/UI Designer and Developer

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Heba Kamel

Digital Marketing Analyst

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