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Ramadan; the month of change


Ramadan Mubarak to you Oolas out there! Ramadan is a precious time that comes once every year. It’s a time to grow, to change externally and internally. Ramadan tests your limits, enhances your endurance and cleanse your spirits.

Because we at Oola care about each one of you and wish for you to always stay fit, we’ve established Ramadan workouts that’ll help in keeping your fitness level high.

Three to Four workouts weekly will come to you, no equipment needed and you can do them either before or after Iftar. Only 20 minutes of your day! And you’ll be as fit as you want to be.

Working out in Ramadan will ensure that you get better in more ways than one, there are still some tips to help you improve even more.

– Hydration, being hydrated is the first step to keep yourself energized and ready to work. Normally, we’d say 2 liters a day is great; however, in Ramadan that won’t be so easy and so the alternative is, to drink sufficient water in Iftar and Suhor and between them. Try to keep a water bottle beside you between those two emails and keep drinking!

– Don’t fill up your stomach!

Yes when it’s time for Iftar and you finally can eat, you’d want to eat everything and leave nothing behind but that won’t be a good idea if you wish to train after it. To keep your body light and avoid stomach aches, try to eat small portions of everything in front of you. That way, you’ve tried them all and you didn’t fill your stomach to the extent that you can’t walk.

– A good night’s rest!

Sleeping is one of the primal factors to assure you have the energy to continue on the next day, be sure to sleep from 7-8 hours daily. That way, your body cells have enough time to re-energize and your brain clears all the wastes.

So all you Oolas out there! grab your training clothes and get ready!

Workout 1
20 minutes ladder (1,2 ,3 ,4  ,..)  reps of:

1 Squats, 1 Burpees, 1 Push ups


2 Squats, 2  Burpees, 2  Push ups,…

Workout 2

4 rounds for time of:

10 walking lunges

15 shoulder taps

10 jumping squats

15 flutter kicks

Workout 3

20 minutes OTM (On the top of the minute) of:

Min1: 15 squats

Min 2: 20 mountain climbers

Min 3: 15 elephant walk

Min 4: 20 jumping jacks

Workout 4

21- 15- 9 reps of:

Shoulder taps


Walking lunges

Workout 5

In 20 minutes do 10,20,30 reps of

Flutter kicks

Push ups

Jumping squats

Workout 6

4 Tabata ( it’s a 4 minutes intervals workout song, alternating between 20 seconds of max training followed by a 10-second rest for a total of eight rounds.) of:

1st tabata is wall sit

Then rest 1 minute

2nd tabata is mountain climber

Then rest one minute

3rd tabata is shoulder taps

Then rest one minute

4th tabata is sit ups

Workout 7

8 rounds in 16 minutes of:

12 burpees

21 push ups

Workout 8

20 minutes of (5,10,15,20,…) of:

Elephant walk

Mountain climbers

Walking lunges

Sit ups

Workout 9

5 rounds for time of:

2 minutes of max reps burpees

And rest 1 minute

Workout 10

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of::

25 jumping squats

15 push ups

The Training Guide:




Walking Lunges

Shoulder Taps

Push Ups

Knee Push Ups

Elephant Walk

Flutter Kicks

Jump Squats

Wall Sit

Happy Ramadan Oolas.