The Making of Oola’s Limited Edition Tops September 17, 2017 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , , ,

Like any innovation process, product development at Oola takes an iterative route where research, prototyping and interaction with customers become a continuous cycle.

Since we launched in October 2016, we’ve been tirelessly searching for new fabrics that will take our quality an even level higher. We’ve been also listening very carefully to our community and customers; their likes and pains. We’ve been sketching and sketching and prototyping to come up with the next generation of Oola garments. We’re delighted to announce to you now the launch of 3 special edition tops, that come in limited quantities too.


Oola's On The Go for the pioneer in you

Being inclusive and offering variety were key objectives we paid attention to as we developed this set of new tops. The following are four essential considerations we took while developing these garments:

1- Size: many customers requested bigger sizes, so we managed to add XL and XXL in this collection of tops. Also many ladies asked for tops with extended lengths and we managed to offer such a fit in one of these new tops

2- Technology: we searched for superior fabrics to maintain Oola’s standards and how our customers feel when wearing an Oola product. Not only that, we were able to achieve treatments for comfort and health including UV protection, odor control, antimicrobial characteristics in addition to the fabrics’ natural breathability.

3- Design: maintain our timeless special lines, and coming up with particular details and stitches to ensure elegance and functionality.

4- Colors: after many trials and hours and hours of browsing color cards, we picked unique and special colors for these new tops.

All of these three tops are designed with silhouettes that allow for natural and comfortable motion. All were made with soft thumbholes at the cuffs providing a stay-put fit while moving and exercising. Each piece was carefully stitched and inspected to push limits and reach the high level of standards we envision for you.

The sky’s the limit!

While each top was conceived with certain sports and activities in mind, we encourage our customers to enjoy them in different contexts too given their quality and flexibility. The sky’s the limit! This is how we’ve always been driven at Oola and this is how we wish to present these set of tops to you. We strongly believe that nothing should stop any woman and girl to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle while maintaining the values they hold dear to them. This is the spirit we share these products with you: the running top, Restless; our travel and light workout hooded top, On The Go; and our multisport gym top, Unstoppable.

We invite you to browse this new collection of tops and hope to find something you’ve been searching for. We assure you that you’ll love the piece you order from the first run, walk, or workout!

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