Sabika’s Story: How I Found Personal Growth on a Weekend Trip to Oman February 3, 2017 – Posted in: Community – Tags: , , ,

Sabika Aziz Travel StoryThis post is part of the Oola Travel Adventures Series, which chronicles the adventures of Oola pioneers far and wide, in pursuit of mountains and lakes to rivers and waterfalls. Each post is a guest post from a brave Oola pioneer.

About the Oola Pioneer

NAME: Sabika Aziz
TIMING: November 2013
PURPOSE: First “adventure” trip
EXPERIENCE: Sabika joins her cousin on an adventure hike in Oman and returns with a new appreciation for life and all of the wonders she enjoys on a daily basis.

Sabika’s Story

I have been active and exercising since 1992 but discovering my love for adventures was a coincidence. For the past few years, I followed Kuwaiti adventurers on social media, and I found out that my cousin was about to embark on an adventure himself. So, I joined along. A weekend in Oman’s nature was something completely new to me, and it was the start of my interest in travels.

Not only was the country of Oman new to me, but the type of travel was new to me, too. Adventure traveling is not my typical cup of tea! I’ve been wanting to visit Oman for a while, so I picked this new type of trip, even though it was physically intensive and that’s not something ladies in my family culture tend to opt for.

Sabika AzizThis trip completely change who I am for so many reasons. First, I changed my lifestyle to a healthy and active lifestyle due to the fitness level needed for this trip a month in advance. Second, about 10 days before the trip, I was faced with the loss of my dear younger sister, suddenly. Despite the pain, I decided to carry on with the trip with the hope of easing this pain. Lastly, I stepped out of my comfort zone and abandoned what I’m accustomed to whether it’s luxury or daily routine. All that helped me learn more about myself and recalculate my priorities, relations and goals. I now aspire to combat more challenges I face in my life and try new things.

You’d be surprised how much you learn about yourself, your abilities and how far you can reach. Just give yourself a chance. Stepping away from life’s daily noise and busy calendar cleanses the soul and mind.

Taking up so many adventures makes me appreciate the good life I have and helps me stick to necessities. Keep in mind that you’ll meet people during your trips and adventures and you will share with them a special experience. Though limited in time, this experience could be the basis of a new friendship and cherished memories. After all, you do share common interests and love for travel.

To me, this kind of trips builds our character to create a more culturally intelligent and appreciative person in each one of us. It’s such a beautiful growth experience I wish traveling could become a mandatory school requirement!

All photos courtesy of Sabika Aziz from her travels in Oman