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This post is part of the Oola Travel Adventures Series, which chronicles the adventures of Oola pioneers far and wide, in pursuit of mountains and lakes to rivers and waterfalls. Each post is a guest post from a brave Oola pioneer.

About the Oola Pioneer

NAME: Mariam Al Arab
DESTINATION: Indian Himalayas in Kashmir Region
TIMING: 2013
PURPOSE: Honeymoon trek
EXPERIENCE: Newlyweds Mariam and Hussain Al Arab decide to go on a trek in the Indian Himalayas for their honeymoon and end up starting a travel blog afterwards!

Mariam’s Story

Mariam Al Arab in the Indian Himalayans

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas was a big change for me in so many different levels, and it all started with honeymoon planning.

When I was planning my honeymoon trip with my husband, Hussain, we were looking to do something different. We didn’t want to go for a typical honeymoon destination. I can’t remember exactly how we ended up choosing a trekking trip but we were both so excited about it. An adventure together was the appealing part to us. It will be the first time that we will go on a trekking trip, first time to camp in the wilderness totally disconnected from everything it will be only us and nature.

The beginning of the trip was not as romantic as we imagined, my husband suffered from altitude sickness and during the whole 7 days; he suffered from difficulties in breathing, fever, and he could barely walk each day. He didn’t want to quit, so every day the guide and I were helping him to finish the targeted kilometers. At night, I would make sure he slept well and I would cook, watch the stars, and go to sleep.

Our trekking trip in the Himalayas is called the “seven hidden valleys” so every day as we were going up and down the mountains, we would pass a magnificent changing landscapes, along with some mountain villages. In some villages, I saw women helping in building houses or temples or carrying heavy building materials, so I would tell myself what a luxurious hiking trip I was on… We had a guide and accompanying cook who would look after us, and all of our heavy stuff was being carried for us. I love trekking trips in particular because you walk slowly and connect with both nature and people. Those women, in a way, were giving me blessings and strength to continue what I had started.

Mariam and Her Husband Start a Couple’s Travel Blog

Mariam Al Arab and Husband in Indian Himalayas

What we have both learned after this trip is next time we should be more physically prepared for a trekking trip, but more importantly, we learned how to be patient and tolerate with difficult situations, appreciate every little comfort we have, appreciate the ones helping us to overcome challenges, and most importantly, to remember that motivation should come from inside.

My husband and I both knew after our honeymoon that we could be very good travel partners, that we can totally rely on each other, and we can overcome challenges together.

Coming back to Bahrain after this trip, to our routine life, we felt that something had changed. A passion for travel and seeking more meaningful experience was triggered. That is why we started the Dilmuni Couple blog & social media accounts right after coming back from our honeymoon trip.

This blog was the new driver for our lifestyle and have changed all our plans. We would travel as much as we can and document our travel journeys through our blog. We found a new pleasure in sharing our experiences with people and through social media. It also helps us keep people engaged in real time while traveling.

I really enjoy having a platform to create travel content and share my travel stories and experiences. Through the blog and social media accounts, we have been able to not only influence close friends and family but to also reach a wide audience from Bahrain and the gulf. I am happy that we are introducing a new way of traveling to the Bahrainis and the Khaleeji community, about what kind of trips couples can do together, especially being that I am married and wearing hijab! This didn’t stop me from going on any kind of adventure I want, whether it is hiking, climbing, camping, snorkeling, canyoning, or even skydiving.

Fears are normal and overcoming them opens new doors. Just give it a try, take the first step rediscover yourself and rediscover your abilities.

All photos courtesy of Mariam Al Arab from her travels in India