Oola Shares Latest Garments with Community at Education City Market January 17, 2017 – Posted in: Community, News – Tags: , , , , ,

If you were at the Education City Market last week, you probably saw Oola sharing its latest garments in the midst of the action.

Taking place at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) in Education City, Doha, Qatar on January 11-14th, the Education City Market (سوق المدينة التعليمية) showcased 25-30 local businesses with a variety of products, from jewelry and toys to food and clothing.

We were thankful to take part, and each of our teammates had a blast at Oola’s booth, which featured all of our latest garments, including headcovers, tops, pants, and jackets.

An Oola Intern Perspective

Our intern, Rabab, celebrated her first week at Oola, and it was an eventful kickoff with her participation in the Education City Market. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Being part of the market as intern for Oola gave me the platform to face people. It was a great opportunity to network, to learn what the vendor experiences, to meet people of different tastes, and to observe what every business has to offer. Everyone was very passionate about their product.”

“In regards to Oola, we received a lot of customer feedback at the event, which is helpful. Many buyers were excited about Oola products. A lot of supporters and sportswomen came in. Some suggested future additions. One customer commented, ‘Oola has focused on that niche market, that little gap that was always there, and finally we have someone producing those garments that were always needed. I wish good luck to your company.’ I was already excited to intern with Oola, but it was even more exciting to hear the team get that positive feedback!”

Thoughts from Other Vendors at the Market

Education City MarketThinking about attending the Education City Market as a vendor next time? Oola intern Rabab interviewed some of the other participants, and here are some of the thoughts she recorded from the ground floor.

As the market is focused on local businesses, like Oola, we had the chance to walk around and get to know other vendors, both startups and established small businesses. Here’s what they had to say about their time at Education City Market.

“The EC market was very beneficial, and it was my second event. I tried out new food and new items, and I now have idea about what to sell next time.”
– Mohammad from Mama lulu’s Homemade Delicacies

“It’s a good opportunity offered by Qatar Foundation to be able to participate, and for me this is my first time to participate in any exhibition or market. Actually, I learned a lot about what people like or dislike, and what I can prepare better for the next opportunity. I met a lot of new participants, and we learned from other vendors, too. My challenge was to find the right customer, as we have to explain what we offer and learn what our customers tastes are.”
– Abdulla Al Emadi from Forum Design Lighting

“I think it’s a good opportunity for any business, whether they are just starting out or are an existing business. And it’s a good way to network with other people and see what other people are doing and what the market is looking like. I wish more students, designers and Education City students or newcomers come into the market [as vendors]. I would like to see more handmade products, too.”
– Sara from The Ambiguous

“I met new people. People are now aware of what we are doing. They had a chance to see the engraved products and they are more aware about what engraving is.”
– Anonymous from Woodpecker: The Art of Engraving

A Great Boost for Local Businesses

All in all, Education City Market was an encouraging learning experience for many of us.

Since Qatar aims at encouraging the private sector to come forward with ideas and services, the market was a perfect way of promoting local business. It gave many of the vendors the courage, knowledge and enthusiasm on how to rise in their field of business.

We look forward to future EC Markets! Thank you HBKU and Qatar Foundation for hosting!