Oola Family Welcomes a New Member December 2, 2016 – Posted in: Fashion – Tags: , , , ,

Haya, Lilian and Wajiha of Oola’s team were in Dubai early this week for business development. As always, seeking every opportunity to grow our brand and outreach and connecting with wonderful and similar minded people all around. While in Dubai, we did a little bit of shopping too! A different kind of shopping though. We had been searching for a perfect mannequin for some time now. We stumbled upon a mannequin store during this trip, and what a delight it was to visit this place! It was organized in such a neat way we thought we entered a museum! When we met the mannequin we bought, we immediately connected and felt she’s the one! She basically seemed to have the right energy, and she looked like she’s starting a run with so much determination. We named her Wajiha after our team member Wajiha who’s simply a fresh breath of energy and creativity. We did give her a differentiating surname, so we’re now calling her Wajiha M. to avoid any confusion 🙂

Wajiha M. will help us in so many ways. Amongst them help us display an outfit in our little office and give it a more visible identity. Wajiha M. will also help us tremendously when we participate at exhibitions and trade fairs. We try to be in touch with our community at every opportunity possible be it at universities, or various trade exhibitions, and displaying an outfit on a mannequin always bring Oola’s image closer to people’s minds. Last but not least, Wajiha M. Will also help us at photo shoots where we need to photograph outfits to give you close ups of Oola’s garments on our web-store and social media! We’re thrilled to have acquired our first mannequin – Wajiha M.! Yay for a new teammate..