Oola Run: First Women-only Run is Held at Oxygen Park in Doha! December 8, 2016 – Posted in: Community, Sports – Tags: , , , , ,

This past Friday the ladies of Qatar got the chance to participate in the first women-only’s run. It took place in the beautiful setting of the Oxygen Park located in Education City, Doha, Qatar, which gave a very refreshing scenery for our runners. The Oola Run started at 4pm on Friday, December 3 the runners had a chance to have a sunset run in the breezye weather, as the beautiful lights of the Oxygen Park started to light up!

The participants were offered a 2.5k run as well as a 5k run. The ladies were welcomed to bring their children to enjoy the weather and the fun kids zone!The Oola run was organized through a great collaboration with Z-Adventures and Qatar Foundation for which we are thankful. Their commitment and their ambition made this event a success!

Instagram Social Media FeedbackThe excitement started as early as our participants arrived. The ladies were from all different backgrounds and ages; however, all shared a passion for being active. Oola attracted 116 registrations out of which 75 attended with a high number of 22 Qatari participants, out of full participant list, 25 completed the 5K run and 33 completed the 2.5K. For more information on the results click here!

The runners’ post-run reactions to the event were very heartwarming. The Oola team had the chance to meet with the women who are into being active, and that were very appreciative of having a chance to run in the outdoors while preserving their privacy! they told us they wished for more events to come!

Oola received much love on social media with comments such as “ Thank you for this event that was more than wonderful, we had so much fun in running in the outdoors, and loved that our privacy was taking care of, I wish you can continue giving us events such as these during the year.” as well as other enthusiastic comments, like “Thank you for organizing this event that we enjoyed greatly, we had so much fun.”

We can’t wait to offer our next event! Were you at the Oola Run? If so, share your memories with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!