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Modestwear is a fashion category that is more of a range of styles, rather than a set definition. For women who wear hijab or loose-fitting attire, modestwear can mean many different things. Modest activewear, even more specifically, is on a level of its own!

Naturally, we get the question, “What is modest activewear?” quite a bit. Instead of answering it ourselves, we lean on our community to lend their thoughts. Why? As a designer of modest activewear, Oola takes each and every perspective into account when dreaming up new pieces. In fact, our entire product development cycle begins with customer-led product development groups and iterative feedback from our community.

We reached out to five women who wear and seek out modest activewear in their daily lives. Whether in sports, fashion, or their hobbies, these women have diverse perspectives on what makes a good modest activewear piece.

What are your thoughts on the best traits to look for in quality modest activewear? Let us know in the comments below! Meanwhile, check out what our community members have to say:

Hayat Sheikh

Hayat SheikSenior Graphic Designer at design firm Polypod and graduate of Lebanese American University

“I choose to be modest in my wardrobe because it aligns with my faith and personal values; however, I have a creative open mind and lead an active life.

I dress for comfort and like to look good in the process. This is essential for any outfit I put together and especially for sportswear, because when exercising, I need the outfit to be most comfortable. Whether through the fabric or the design, the sports outfit needs to feel flowy, comfortable and trendy.”


Layla Shaikley

Layla ShaikleyCo-founder, Wise Systems, an enterprise software solution that helps companies make real-time delivery decisions

“Great sportswear is about flexibility! Obviously, we all love flexible fabric – but flexibility of use is just as important! I grew up athletic and with the clothing restrictions that come with the choice to wear hijab. I managed to find ways to wear long pants beneath my soccer shorts and create hooded bathing suits beneath my wetsuit. It’s awesome that the market is catching up to my clothing preferences as an athletic Muslim woman.”


Aalia Al-Barwani

aalia-al-barwaniCreator of LiaLiving, a modesty life and style blog

“In my role as a stylist, I often find that a majority of sportswear is not suited for women who want to be active but still dress modestly. What I look for in modest sportswear is if it uses the latest technology? Is it breathable? Is it stylish? Does it show off curves I’d rather not share?

I often find that in my quest for modest sportswear I end up compromising on one of the above. Having access to a line of clothing that understands the needs of active women who want to dress modestly is refreshing.”


Roufaida Thabti

Roufaida ThabtiFreelance Personal Trainer

“I face this issue a lot when it comes to outdoor workouts or when I try to convince my clients to workout somewhere other than inside their house for a change. Women do not always find modest sportswear that makes them feel good and feel comfortable in their own skin.

To me personally, modest sportswear is workout clothes that are not too fitted but yet comfortable enough to run or to do high intensity workouts, for example. The quality of the material of the top, pants or jacket is very important to me as I do like to workout on the corniche [a waterfront promenade in Doha, Qatar] or in front of the MIA Park [the Museum of Islamic Art Park in Doha, Qatar] so it automatically is hot, and as I’m covered, it gets even hotter during the workout. Thats when I need light and airy workout gear. I wear the modest sportswear because I’m a Muslim woman who covers and wears the hijab, therefore I’m super excited for the Oola Sportswear.”


Dana Khalid

Graduate, Carnegie Mellon University
“Modest sportswear to me is clothing that comfortably allows you to engage in physical exercise. A good modest sportswear piece would consist of a light material that stays in place as you exercise. I would wear modest sportswear if I were to exercise in a public environment to feel more comfortable.”


What is modest activewear to you? Tell your story in the comments below.