Oola Launches Online Store for Continued Growth November 14, 2016 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , ,

Following its successful Indiegogo campaign, Oola is proud to announce the launch of its online store, where shoppers can continue to find Oola’s stylish and modest activewear!

The online store features all of Oola’s current product offerings, including head covers and loose-fitting athletic tops, pants, and jackets. You can find all of Oola’s head gear in three colors: Blush pink, gray, or black. The pants come in black, and the jacket is available in gray and black. The top comes in blue, peach, or lilac; and the hiking top has two trendy options: heather gray/black or blue/black.

Oola Online Store

The online store is powered by Indiegogo InDemand, which enables ended campaigns, such as Oola’s, to continue offering their products to interested buyers via pre-order. Oola Growth Hacker and Technical Lead Naassih Gopee says selling on Indiegogo has enabled Oola to ease the payment process for its customers. “We will continue using Indiegogo InDemand as an alternative until we launch our own payment system,” he says. “We expect to deploy that in a couple of months.” Indiegogo InDemand has also presented Oola with the opportunity to extend its Indiegogo campaign promotion, says Gopee. “We’ve been able to reach potential customers who might not have had the opportunity to have a look at our campaign while it was live.”

International Customer? Oola’s Got You Covered!

The Oola online store is accessible for customers from anywhere across the world, as long as they have access to the Internet — the company offers international shipping based on product weight.

“We realized that many women around the world face this issue of finding the right outfit to practice sports,” says Gopee. “We wanted them to have access to Oola products. Having a webstore allows us to reach a worldwide audience that would otherwise be still facing what-to-wear dilemma.”

Upcoming Collections & News

Gopee says the online store is the central place where customers can not only buy current Oola products, but will also be able to keep up to date on upcoming collections. Oola, for example, has begun development of its first modest swimwear line, which is being driven by customer engagement groups.

Oola’s blog is another important component to the online store, says Gopee. “The blog is a crucial tool in building our community,” he says. “Our blog is a way for us to reach out to women around the world that face the issue of finding the right activewear and tell them that they are not alone and we are here to solve it. Together.”

Next Steps for the Online Store

The Oola online store is a work in progress, the team says. Upcoming iterations will include an on-site payment system, an easy-to-use shopping cart experience, and an events portal.

On events, Gopee says community engagement is a central part of Oola’s mission and it will be evident on upcoming site versions. “Oola is very active in organizing events for women to practice sports,” he says. Oola organizes the women’s “Run for Your Life” running group, for example, and it is a co-organizer of the upcoming Oola Run, a women’s only running event taking place at Oxygen Park in Doha, Qatar. The event is co-organized with Z-Adventures and the Qatar Foundation.

“We want to make this is a core part of our user experience – allowing our customers to easily participate in those event,” says Gopee. “Our next step there is to integrate a social sports events feature to augment the Oola community experience.” For now, those events will be highlighted on the Oola blog.

Gopee encourages Oola customers to reach out with feedback about their experience using the online store. “We’re not perfect,” he says. “That’s why we are always looking for feedback from our awesome community!”