Oola Raises 225% of Crowdfunding Goal on Indiegogo! November 8, 2016 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , , , ,

After 30 days, the Oola Sportswear Indiegogo campaign has come to an end, with the upstart having raised 225% of its crowdfunding goal! With a total of $33,790 raised from 115 backers, the fashion startup will continue forward with production of its elegant, functional, and loose-fitting activewear line and has begun designing a new line of modest swimwear, as a result of having exceeded its ultimate stretch goal of $25,000.

Pre-order your Oola Sportswear gear on Indiegogo, using the InDemand feature.
Oola’s Indiegogo campaign launched on Sunday, October 9, 2016 and lasted through November 8th, with the goal of not only celebrating modest activewear, but also bringing much-needed athletic wear technology to the segment.

Oola Indiegogo campaign

With an original crowdfunding goal of $15,000, the Oola team was overjoyed to experience the community’s response to their mission. “The feedback, backing and sharing of the campaign was overwhelming,” says co-founder Haya Al Ghanim. “It was a beautiful journey, and I can’t thank our backers, colleagues, friends, and families enough for being part of it.”

The Oola team is now moving forward with production and campaign shipping and continues to take pre-orders on Indiegogo using the InDemand feature as they prepare to launch their own online store at oolasports.com in the coming days.

About Oola Sportswear

Oola Sportswear is a modesty-inspired fashion brand that provides loose-fitting, contemporary activewear for women who prefer more coverage for outdoor activities. Our vision is to promote a healthy lifestyle by making outdoor sports accessible for our clients. Oola believes that every woman possesses the strength to push boundaries, redefine limits, and overcome challenges. Equipped with the right tools, a woman can unlock her potential, achieving goals that may have seemed unreachable. Oola provides activewear that will enable women to push their fitness goals and challenge their limits. To plant a seed of empowerment is all it takes to lose one’s inhibitions. Oola is that seed.