Announcing Oola’s New Home: Qatar Business Incubation Center! October 13, 2016 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , ,

logoWe are excited to announce that Oola has a new home! We are being incubated by the Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC). The center empowers entrepreneurs to start and grow companies by incubating, developing, investing and connecting. From the day we applied to the day we received our office, the level of excitement and support we received from the QBIC team was AWESOME.

What we love about being hosted by QBIC is that we are now part of a larger community of entrepreneurs co-located within proximity. What’s even more exciting is that our team will no longer have to operate out of coffeeshops as we did for the past year (we might still do that every now and then for fun, though!). Amina is already dreaming of how to decorate the space to give it the true Oola spirit. Hint: there will be a wall of pioneers in our office with pictures from our campaign backers in their Oola gear.

If you live in the area, do visit us sometime!

Header image courtesy of the Qatar Business Incubation Center