Oola Size Chart: Finding the Perfect Size Activewear for You October 11, 2016 – Posted in: Design, Fashion – Tags: , , , ,

So, you’re thinking about becoming an Oola customer, but you’re not sure what size you should order? You’ve come to the right place to figure it out! Below, you’ll find our Size Chart and details on how to determine an accurate body measurement, so you can order the size that’s perfect for you!

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You do not need to determine your size to order from the Indiegogo campaign. We will reach out to you after the campaign is over to get your color and size preference.

Note that all head covers — the toque, tube scarf, and head scarf — are one-size-fits-all. They utilize athletic fabrics, just the right amount of elasticity, and snaps to make for the perfect fit every time. All other pieces can be fitted using the size chart below. Happy fitting!

How To Measure for Your Size

To determine the appropriate size of Oola sportswear, measure your bust, waist, and hips (depending on the garment you’re wishing to purchase). Use the measurement guidelines below for help, and remember to always keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor for the most accurate body measurement. Also, make sure to measure while in your activewear undergarments; do not measure over garments.

Oola Measurement Guide
Once you know your body measurement, consult our size chart to choose the size right for you!

Oola Size Chart

Oola Size Chart
The Bust, Waist, and Hip measurements in the size chart can be obtained as so:

  • Bust: Measure the fullest part of your bust
  • Waist: Your natural waist is usually the narrowest part of your upper body, between your ribcage and hip bones
  • Hip: Standing with your feet together, measure the fullest part of the hips

We wish you the best in your personal fitting. If you have questions about sizes, email us at info@oolasports.com for assistance!