How To Wear Oola’s Sports Head Covers, from Toque to Hijab October 4, 2016 – Posted in: Design, Fashion – Tags: , , , ,

Every woman is different. Her activewear should be, too. That’s why Oola’s activewear is versatile, while offering the coverage many women seek. Oola sports head covers, especially, are where the magic happens. With a toque, tube scarf, and scarf, the combinations are vast. Below is a look at how to wear each of the offerings!

How do you wear your Oola head covers and activewear?
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In the video above, Wajiha Ghazi, a sports science student and Oola brand ambassador, showcases the many ways Oola head covers can be worn.

“We offer choice through our different head pieces and combinations,” says co-founder Amina Ahmadi. “All three, too, stay in place due to the design, shape, materials, and snaps!”

A few design elements that make Oola sports head covers and hijabs unique from other options on the market include the following features:

  • Breathable, moisture-absorbent athletic fabrics keep you comfortable in the action
  • Snaps on the toque enable usage of both the tube scarf and scarf (no more difficult pins!)
  • Soft, stretchy, wrinkle-free fabric enables easy use and garment care
  • Toque depth and shape is designed for full coverage of hair and ears
  • Ribbed stretch bands enable maximum stability while also enabling adjustability

Oola Head Covers Toque

The various head covers are designed to meet different tastes, preferences, and activity requirements. The toque alone, for example, could be suitable for a woman who is looking for minimal coverage — the toque, too, is suitable for any activity. It fully covers the ears and is deep enough to tuck all of one’s hair into, without needing to use a hair tie. [Toque pictured above.]

Oola Sports Hijab Tube Scarf

The tube scarf, another Oola head piece, is very light and easy to put on — it slides over the head and snaps to the toque for added elegance and coverage. The combination of toque and tube scarf is ideal for running, crossfit, and other intense activities. Directly above is a look at the toque with tube scarf. Notice the elastic band on the toque and secure snaps on the tube scarf that help keep the hijab in place during physical activity.

Oola Sports toque head cover

Finally, the scarf offers an option sought by ladies looking for a more traditional look. It’s elegant and flowing in design, but uses lightweight, breathable, and moisture-absorbent material. Current scarves on the market, pins and all, tend to fall off the head pretty often, unless the fabric offers good friction. [Toque and scarf combination pictured above, below to the right, and in the header image.]

Amina Ahmadi in Oola sports hijabsOola scarves, unlike others on the market, snap to the toque, which makes them stay in place for as long as a woman can run, cycle, skip, or punch! We also offer edge snaps at the end of the scarf, to offer flexibility in style, typically matched with the intensity level of the sport or activity. Stay tuned for some tutorials on the many ways to wear the scarf!

Many early testers have told us that Oola gear feels so great on that it not only makes sense for working out, but it’d also be great for traveling. We’re looking forward to seeing it used in many cases.

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